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Looks like a roli army!


Wish I was there "playing" Tongue Tongue Tongue Grin


That's not playing its hard working entrepreneurialism, but loads of fun though.
said with tongue in cheek Grin


Haha, i'm sure we all would love to play with the robots someday soon.


The roli's are all grown up now... They're moving out already Frown


@VGosine.... Ha, ha.... So is this your way of telling us Roli is now shipping?.... Smile


I mean I would love to play with that many Smile
I would run every one at the same time with only one computer Tongue
They would all work together Grin


@Richard-r not quite... but soon Smile

@Wolfie you would need EZ-Builder to support that many connections at once... Currently you would only be able to do 5 robots per computer


Where there is a will there is a way
I "can" connect as many to one computer as the computer can handle Smile I think
But I will not say how as I only have 3 EZ-B's so fare and have not been able to test it fully but the tests I did looked promising