New Learn Section Is Online


We have launched the new LEARN section of the website. The new LEARN section includes Courses and Lessons to help you get started using your EZ-Robot Revolution.

When you view a Lesson, there is a button at the bottom of the page which will mark the lesson as Completed. Every time you complete a lesson, it is recorded. We will be applying ranks to users who have completed the most lessons. The ranks will be displayed so beginner users know who to ask for assistance.

The new LEARN section has important tutorials, such as How To Calibrate Your Lever Servos and many more!


Love Love LOVE it. Thanks



I scanned over them earlier and hit complete... I probably shouldn't have.

I'm re-reading/re-watching them all again now Smile


already did two sections and got my rewards.



Very nice! Well done. It's easy to follow. The virtual balloons are a nice touch. Smile


Smile Thanks, the balloons were my idea... just something to celebrate a bit Grin


Some of the Lessons have prerequisites that are recommended for you to completed before continuing. For example, the JD course has perquisites - complete all perquisites to enhance your experience with JD Grin

Many more tutorials coming soon!

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Very nice


do you get a reward for each section you complete ?dj


@Nomad... you should already know this... Unless of course you still haven't completed all the online tutorials yet....

The reward is that you will get a fully functioning JD... Grin