I can see the girly versions of things becoming popular around the holidays lol , they look great though. Like Hello Kitty and JD had a little girl lol


Haha this is AWESOME Anthony! Well done! Smile


So Kraft Dinner is her name, eh? Tongue


Wow. We bought two ez-developer kits over Christmas and maybe I'll make something Girly just so when we get enought parts printed and such for my son we could interact, but hopefully better than him and his sister do now (hee hee).



I tried to print the female JD Head.
But have a problem with the front STL file.
I am using the last version of Cura as slicer.
And when I slice , I have 2 holes in filling in the hair bow Tie

Can you help me



Do you see the holes before you print in your slicer program? Or does it appear fine in your slicer and you end up with holes in the finished 3D print? Can you post a picture of either what you are seeing in your slicer or what your 3D print looked like?


Hi Justin

I have tried the print and seen real Holes after 10 hours
But holes are présent before after slicing

I am not home and Will post you Some pictures tomorrow morning .... In france


Please let us know what settings you have set as well for slicing with regard to profile and the fill density, support type and platform adhesion type settings in your cura software.



Some pictures of the 3D Print and of the CURA slicer screen (On MAC OS)
Thanks for your help

Jean Luc

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User-inserted image

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