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Have you considered making the upper torso (or even the whole body) a little wider? It looks a bit "tall and thin" to me. Just one man's opinion (but I know how you like all opinions).

Ending on a positive note, the arms look like they work very nicely.


@Rich Thanks sir. During the Kickstarter campaign i will be improving and upgrading. Remember this is the first official working prototype.


I think the proportions look fine. If you do decide to make the chest wider, I think you should lessen the gap between the shoulders and the chest (if possible) while keeping the distance between the outer shoulders the same.
Just another opinion.


Heres a peek of the other arm selections to choose from in the XLR series.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

these are stronger and a little heavier.


Anthony I really like the look of these arms. I would very much like to see about modifying and using this design for Questor. When you get the chance of course lets talk. Smile


The photos in #214 the size looks perfect, is it the same size in the latest video? Not sure what's throwing me off but something is...


@rich . Yes same size. Must be the angel of the shot.

#228 is up and running! We have a chat room now and a new forum! Look forward to seeing you guys passing by. XLR-ONE is going to be filming his Kickstarter video this friday night. Will be posting the video here first.

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Fantastic , I am glad the servo choice and external power option has done the trick. It is really performing better than I originally expected. The arms move very smooth and we have the drive train moving in the previous updates. It's almost there ! Looking good so far.


Anthony I sent you an email about Questor's arms. Please check your spam folder. Thanks.