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Iphone/ Ipad App

Assistance Requested

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Is the Mobile interface available for use on an iPhone or iPad? I think I saw somewhere that it going to be soon, just wondering if it is available yet.

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Its not available yet. When it is you would see a release note and you would see it as an option under the "Software".


Thanks Justin


Soon! I know I keep saying that - but we Apple is a little more challenging to release an app through the AppStore than Android is. So we have to make sure all of our i's are dotted and t's are crossed before submitting.

Because we just launched Revolution, there are lots of little changes and enhancements that we are working on. It's delaying the iOS app... just a tad Smile Not much longer, I'm working on it lots and lots


Right on! Thanks for the update.


is there a way a beta version can be released soon? the ios app is really missed and I only have a ipad and iphone

thanks Neil


I was wondering if Apple has given EZ Robot an ETA on the iOS app release? Patiently waiting for its release as this would be a welcomed addition to the EZ Robot platform.


EZ Robot team please answer the questions about a possible beta release. thanks


I would buy a cheap android if I were you guys... EZ Robot is swamped with people's requests...... They can only do so much....


It is impossible to release beta versions of anything iOS related - that is now how the AppStore for Apple works, sadly.