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Adafruit 0.56" 4-digit 7-segment Display W/i2c Backpack Will It Work W/v4?

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Hey guys, i was trying to find out if this led display will work with the v4. Its says it has a I2c backpack which i figured woud plug into the v4. if so also how do i set it up to say read out the volts or temp?

Segment Display

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Also like to add this as well. NeoPixels. How easy is it to use with v4-ez-builder?


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If they are I2C they will work with the V3 or the V4 however you will need the datasheet and the datasheet will need to explain clearly how to use the devices. An example of a good datasheet is the BlinkM datasheet, it tells you everything you need to know to control the BlinkM, however there are a lot of devices with very poor datasheets, I've thrown out some I2C devices because the instructions were not there (one of which come from Adafruit).


@ Rich Thanks Rich, I'll be sure to check the data sheet before i order. Thanks for the heads up.


Adafruit is pretty good with their customer support and forum. You might actually get some assistance from their community for the i2c commands to get up and running.


@ DJ Sures-Thanks DJ.


Hey Anthony, For the Neopixels I believe they use a WS2812 or WS2811 chip inside the LED for data control. Unfortunately we don't have an EZ-Builder control for these but you could definitely write a script that matches the protocol to use them. The key is that they require a 500uS pause between commands in order to "latch" in the command (change the color).

If the demand to use the addressable RGBs with the EZ-B is high enough I'm sure DJ would consider adding it to the list.


I recently read all of the neo pixle info on Adafruits site because Im thinking of picking some up. Jeremy is correct there are 2 versions that use 2 different chips. I believe they are phasing the 11s out. I watch their shows on you tube pretty often.

Which brings me to a question I've been meaning to ask. Has EZR ever tried to build a direct relationship with Adafruit? They often provide sample code for various formats but EZ Builder isn't one of them. Yet! Just wondering if you've ever gone down that road. It would be awsome to be able to order from them and it all be EZB ready. I just figure with you guys both being independent companies, there's a big opportunity there.