Working With Nomad18.08 On Getting His Ez-b V4 On The Network


I am typing this for patrick because english is my primary language and I have been working with him.

He has a JD and another EZ-B v4. One of the two is able to connect to his network without any issue now, but one of them is having an issue connecting in AP mode. We cant connect via wifi from either of 2 computers to this one EZ-B v4.

There is one final piece of hardware that might make a difference, but I wont know until Friday. DJ and team, do you have any recommendations for me to try on the EZ-B V4? We have used the reset button multiple times with no good results. The EZ-B makes its announcement welcoming Patrick to the EZ-Robot Revolution, and continues to flash blue.

Just so you know,
Patrick does have Skype and TeamViewer installed and is familiar with how to use these.

Thank you in advance.
David Cochran


What issue is he having?

1) Press reset button

2) View WiFi networks

3) Locate EZB in the WiFi networks list

4) Select the WiFi network

5) Press CONNECT

6) Load EZ-Builder

7) Press CONNECT in EZ-Builder on the default ip address

What stage does it fail for Nomad?


The ez-b is visable on the wifi networks on both machines. Try to connect and get an error that says he is unable to connect.

Step 5 is where the issue happens.

The other EZ=B is able to connect at this point and is able to connect in client mode also.


I know one of his computer's is an HP. Is he other as well? We are discussing an issue with HPs having that symptom in another thread. Suggestion was to get a cheap WiFi usb dongle while EZ-Robot investigates the root cause.



I am not sure. I will have to check that out tomorrow or Friday when I talk to him again.

The strange thing is one ezb works great on his network and in ap mode. Another one doesn't connect at all.

He also had a USB wifi NIC. We tried that one also. Still no connection.


Sounds like an out-of-box failure to me if one works and the other doesn't. I would start the warranty replacement process through the Contact Us page if it were me.



That's where I'm at with it, but nomad will have to submit it.


the laptop is win8 pakard bell.
the destop has no brand.its win7

thank you guys

i contacted ez.


@Nomad.... Is this the ezb4 you put holes in Nomad?


i didn put holes in the ez-b4.only in the case.