Omnibot 2000


The Omnibot 2000 that DJ converted to EZB. Can DJ tell us what lcd panel was used and the scripts for running it.


@rb550f I believe he is using a kindle fire? No idea on the scripts


Not a Kindle its a Automotive LCD Headrest Display.


He used a ipod with a video our cable for the video input as well..


you could use a kindle fire hd like I did in the beginning of the Omnibot 3000 build.
you will need to cut the section out to fit. if you do I can send you the animations and graphics I used. if you want to make it interactive with EZ-Builder I suggest the following. go on ebay and by a mini pc. heres the link:
mini pc
now pick up a 7" lcd
lcd 7" screen

remove the pc from its plastic shell and mount inside the belly of the omnibot 2000.
fit the screen( portrait mode not horizontal) connect the monitor to the pc via 3" hdmi connector and your done. you can now run the bot from the onboard pc. you can run ezbuilder and use scripts to control videos to play when you like. example: if the bot is happy play Ferrell's Happy video and so on.
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any chance you could send me the graphic and animations that you used?


@sonny2005 unfortunately I don't have those any longer. im sorry.