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on my HP display of 1920 x 1080 unable to use circled areas.

but on my laptop at lower resolution of 1024 x 768 looks fine and works correctly.



Can you drag the window with the mouse on the right side to make it bigger?


@Richard R,

Tried that and does not work. even tried to go full screen still no go.

I just use laptop to work on it. And it works fine.



jdbay do you have auto screen adjust,on your screen.


@nomad18.08 what do you mean?



i will post a pic moment.i had same problem .


here the pic.close ez builder adjust screen (hope you have it).
then open back ez builder.

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The hp is a hp envy 23 touchsmart pc an all-in-one... no button like that.



i saw video on youtube.and he place his 10 fingers on the screen slide it open or close.


I am running it with windows 8.1 update 2...