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Long Life 7.4v Lipo Battery And Charger For Ez-b V4

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Hi everyone.

I need a little advice in regards to LiPo batteries for the EZ-B v4. I have been waiting for my dev kit, balance charger, 7.4 LiPo, and a few extras to be delivered for quite a while now, and after I sent of an email to the very helpful EZ Robot guys and gals inquiring what the delay was, it turns out that there is a shipping issue with sending loose batteries from China which has been holding up my order being sent. I have requested a refund for the LiPo and charger which has been honored, so no problems there.

So what I need the community's help with is advice on what I can safely use with the EZ-B v4. Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced LiPo battery pack that can hold a long charge, say about 2500 mAh or more that will work well with the v4, and a good charger to go with it? A balance or auto cut off charger would be preferred as I hear that LiPo batteries can be a bit finicky and care needs to be taken to avoid killing them.

Any advice or recommendations anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.



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Use eBay and find one that matches the dimensions of the LiPo Robot Battery 7.4v 1300mAh if needed inside a Revolution robot. If not needed, use any 7.4v LiPo battery.

Here's an eBay search: 7.4 volt Lipos on eBay


I use a 5000mAh 2S LiPo with my first V4 and it works great. I picked a couple up off of ebay a while back after undervolting my first 5000mAh 2S LiPo.

This is what I use

Although any 2S LiPo will work just fine.


....If you're not picky and as DJ mentioned do not need the battery to fit inside a Revolution robot you can use a 7.2v niMh.... Technology is a bit old but they provide good juice and are pretty cheap.... I am using a couple myself.... eBay is a good source...


Here is what I use in my Mini 6 fabricated robot after a similar battery email. One 1700 battery provided ample run time, two in parallel for extended play.
Also used low voltage alarm.
I use this setup with a EZB3, but plan to use it with EZB4. (check size if fitting in an EZ robot)
Very reasonable, and fast shipment.
I converted my Mini 6 robot over to XT60 battery connections, which I think are good.

7.4 Turnigy Lipo

Turnigy balance charger

Low voltage arm
Steve S


I use a couple of venom 7.4V 2000 mah 35C batteries in parallel. I did this because I had to seperate my batteries due to limited space in specific locations of my robot.

I like them and the robot runs for quite a while and charge quickly. I use the IMAX B6 charger and it has worked well so far. It can charge 2-6s batteries lipos and many other types of batteries. .


Turnigy batteries have always worked well for me. I used them all the time in R/C racing and rock crawling and never had one puff or fail.

This is the charger that I use:

Turnigy Multi Charger


Thanks for your replies DJ, rich, Richard and Steve S.

I have had a look at the links DJ and rich supplied so thanks for that. I should have mentioned that the battery will be going into a Revolution bot, but rather a home made bot, so I have some room to play with.

I have never used LiPo batteries before, and I just wanted to double check that even though they might be the same voltage, larger mAh batteries may differ on amperage and didn't want to risk damaging my v4 when it arrives.

I think I may have been miss informed by someone I spoke to earlier, but can I use any 7.4v LiPo battery charger to charge any LiPo battery? I was told that I couldn't but I get the impression from what I have seen so far that this info was wrong. If this is the case, I wish I never cancelled the balance charger now.



You need to use one that has the capability of doing LiPo batteries. A lot of LiPo chargers will do other batteries too, but you need to make sure what you get specifically says it does LiPo.


Thanks for your input Steve S, Zap and D.Cochran. My EZ Robot order should be with me in a couple of days so it's time to get the battery/charger sorted.

I think the Battery Rich mentioned might be the one I will go for. The

IMAX charger that D.Cochran mentioned looks good as it also has a built in AC adapter. Would the adapter function on the IMAX have enough amps to power the v4 with say 6 HD servos/camera for example?

@ Richard

This may sound like a silly question, so bare with me. What are the main differences between a LiPo and a niMh battery?


How many cells does the 50000 mAh battery you linked too have?

And one last thing, what is the battery connection type on the v4 when using a LiPo, just so I get the right adapter. Or do I cut off the connector that comes with the battery, and use the barrel jack that comes with the dev kit?

Steve *confused*