2014 Ny World Makerfair Review


Yesturday i attended the Makerfare in NYC. The place was pact with inventors, novice tinkers and robot enthusiasts. You couldn't walk 5 feet without seeing a 3D printer! They were everywhere! Many new designs many older designs upgraded and many new techniques used to 3D print instead of PLA and ABS. How about Chocolate? Yes, Chocolate amongst other soft pastes like corking,plaster,cement. The printer uses a syringe to push the material through a tube to the extrude. Very cool and very different. There were printers that can print in 5 colors! printers that could print as big as 4'! It was crazy. My main purpose to go was to push XL Robots and LeXI. I loaded my tablet with vid's and pics of her. I met with alot of robotic booths( Inmoov to name one). I was looking to be floored by all the attendees but i was'nt. The Inmoov was ok but moved so slow and awkward. the Prints were not that clean and it was having alot of trouble demonstrating its motions and speech. I asked what is the operating system they used and they said RoboWorkshop and Arduino. I said I think you should switch to EZ-Robot! I showed them demos of LeXI speech recon, Arm movements etc and i showed them ezbuilder all using the V4 and they were impressed! I was the NYC ambassador of EZ-Robot. Every table i went to that sported the next best thing to robot controllers couldn't even come close to ez robots platform. I had my ezb v4 with me to show off and they were freaking out, i even blew up the spot at Mindstorm! you could say i blew there MInd-storm. They first approached me with there sales pitch and then i let them have it with the ezb. there system is a toy compaired to ez robot. I was telling my wife, if ez-robot was here the line would be to the next town! Heres are some pics from the show.

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That is awesome. Its amazing to me what people think is great until they see EZ-Robot. I cant wait for my 4th graders to be building robots with more capabilities than the secondary students build, who are winning international botball competitions.

I was never a fan of the mac until I got much older. I still dont like to use a mac, but I understand what Apple did with the mac now looking back over the past almost 40 years. I didnt like it because it meant that I no longer possessed something that others couldn't do. Yes, I was selfish... Now I see ez-robot doing the same thing with robotics.

Its like this. I remember using one of those old word processors we called a lunchbox. It did one thing and that was be a word processor. This is where the other platforms haven't moved beyond. They are happy building robots that do one thing. That is weak and it is limiting where robotics goes in the next 10 years. EZ-Robot moved beyond this and made the mac for robotics. You no longer need to program to have an amazing robot. Can you program? sure, just like on the mac you could program, but it took the things that should be easy and common and made them easy and common. Look at how that changed the computer industry?

A lot of people who are younger are going to get stuck in the same place that I got stuck when the mac came out. "They made it too dumbed down" was the phrase that I kept saying. Again, I was wrong and look at where computers are today because of this.

EZ-Robot, thank you for seeing past the stubborn people and creating a platform that is for anyone. Your visionary approach to robotics is very refreshing and has come at the right time.


@ant thanks for sharing pic's.

@d.cochran I agree 1000 %...

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@Anthony Thanks for spreading the word! We are so lucky to have community members like you. Smile


It was so funny, these guys at this one table pushing a all red cased micro controller.

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I asked 1 guy what does it do, he looked at me and grabbed the flyer and read from the flyer. are you kidding me. his buddy was on the his cell phone sitting in the back. The guy couldnt tell me if it was a tethered or bluetooth system. he had to ask the cell phone guy who had to finish his call before he gave me the info. Hmmmm not a good way to get a new product out there. It was obvious after 5hrs of walking around and talking to many vendors, you would need all of them to make a v4.


Thanks for sharing your Maker Faire experience with us Anthony and spreading the ezrobot love!


@Anthony - XL Robots

I have read your comments regarding the New York Maker Faire and I am really disappointed with your comments regarding the InMoov project (inmoov.fr). I think you should have taken the time to read about and understand the project before slamming it.

It is an open source 3D printed robot that has been developed by Gael Langevin from France, He works tirelessly developing his robot so that others, like myself, can build the robot from the files he releases for free. The robot runs on a program developed for it by My Robot Lab (myrobotlab.org, not Roboworkshop as you reported), who also releases the program for free to who ever wants to download it. The programming for the InMoov project is being developed as the robot is developed and it is quite specific for a life size humanoid robot.

A community of builders from all over the world, like the EZ- Robot community, is involved with it's development and with helping builders with questions and trouble shooting to make their InMoov perform.

I recently received my new EZBv4's and a developers kit and I agree that the Ez-Robot operating system is powerful and offers lots of options for robotics. However,there is one thing it can not do and I will not be switching my InMoov robot over to EZ-Robot because of it. Every operating system has it's limitations.

I am in no way slamming EZ-Robot, I think it's great and I will be using their hardware and programming for my next robotic project.


@bhouston I did not slam it, i reviewed it and expressed my opinions on it. When i saw it( all 3 of them) yesterday i had high expectations of what i was going to see. I had seen it everywhere( thingiverse,youtube,gizmodo,engadget to name a few). I was let down by the workings of it. I was expecting it to be interactive, it wasn't. when Gael was talking to it it didn't respond, the Oculous interface was slow and lagging which i told them would be much smoother with the ezb v4. The animation was off the fingers were not in sync, there were many let downs. When i showed them LeXI's videos of voice recon, animation movements of her arm and hand mouth sync with speech and so on they were impressed and then i blew there mind when i told them im a florist and do this as a side hobby. I told them she is possible because of the ez-robot platform. like geico " so easy even a florist can do it." I recieved through out my experiance here in the community both good and bad reviews. I used them to better the faults and praise my accomplishments. we are all here for the same reasons, to learn, build and explore the world of robotics.


@bhuston You never said the one think the EZB v4 cannot do. What is it?


If I remember correctly, he was having some issue with the sound servo control.

It's not that the EZ-B can't do what he wants. It's that what he wants hasn't been programmed by anyone yet, and he either doesn't want to write it or doesn't know how.

There are others who are using lights to do a similar thing. There are a few B9's using a ezb v4 that do this very well.

Believe me, the ezb would be a far better option to use. Like any other platform, you should spend time learning it. Unless you are living off of someone else's work, you will run into something you want to do that others don't see as very important.

I wanted to be able to write variables out to database entries. Ez builder didn't do this because very few people wanted to do this. There was someone else who wanted ez builder to know when he got emails. Someone else wanted to be able to identify faces. None of this was available at the time. There are many more examples but instead of making the claim that the ezb couldn't do these, people spent time working on getting these aspects of their projects running and then shared it with the community. Most of the time you find that others that want to do the same and can help improve it.