Inactive Server?


Are we back on line?

server could not be reach for several hours


Yes, it appears things are back up. Great effort.


The server has been down since 1:30 AM Mountain Time. Originally it was down because we were doing a database migration that splits the EZ-Cloud data into it's own database to increase the speed of the website content. Because there are 846 EZ-Robot Apps and 3gb of historical versions, the migration took 40 minutes. After that, there were server updates and suddenly it was unresponsive. I had to re-install the services and re-configure the server. Finally I got it running, and then it went down again but we don't know why. We are looking into it now.


An other stress to deal with!

good job
everything looks OK


It sounds like you guys had a fun evening then...


LOL I wish it was "us guys" but I'm the only one qualified to administer the server so along with coding EZ-Builder, bunch of businessy type stuff... I haven't slept yet because the silly server has been unhappy! But, I love my baby called ez-robot!

So it appears the hard drive was corrupted. Still looking into it. We just ran a chkdsk...


we love you man...

Take a power nap, let someone else monitor, they can send you voice message, if problems.


p.s. That's what I did for three thousand corporate e-mailers. *sleep* *sleep* *sleep* *sleep* Winky


Love the dedication, I am sure that I speak for all users, when I say thanks for all you do to keep us 'botin Grin


lol, anytime Grin looks like things are stable now - no more hd errors after the chkdsk. Few more items on my plate before I take a little nap Grin

Other than the chilly wet weather today, I have a great view while working... That makes the time fly

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Where is the boat?