The Ez-robot Revolution Video Very Nice


Love the new EZ-Robot video especially at marker 1:45, yeh yeh. Great work guys!


I used this video in my first class. I spoke about all of the people that were shown that I knew about or had met in this community. Lexi got some ooh's and ahh's. I really loved this video and it allowed me to touch on the subject of this being about people doing and sharing things and not just JD, SIX and ROLI. Love this video.


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Great work!


Grin Smile Grin Winky


I don't know Anthony, I might prefer 1:44 Grin

Edit: I just noticed they put 'Neik' for my name. But hey, better than when DJ referred to me as Lloyd in one of his other videos Winky


Hey, can I get an autograph from you guys?


@Niek Lloyd? Where did he get that from?

@ Dave Signed 8x10's of LeXI are $15 US $35 CAN He He He