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Firmware Update Question With Ez-b V4

Assistance Requested

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My problem is related to firmware update (Version 16.6) in my private network connected of course to internet via router. In my home network I have subnet addressed All my devices have ip adresses from this network. I set ez-b in client mode with address - and I can get to ez-b via web browser. When I tried to make a firmware update, I have only one address to choose from drop down list: and the com ports - how to change the address to real one from my home subnet. Of course I can reset the ez-b to default settings with proper address, but in this case I will not have the internet access, because this is subnet not addressed in my network. The question is what is the problem and if my pc should have internet access during update?

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That firmware update is only for the V3... Currently there is no firmware upgrade for the v4...

Have you viewed the "how to" video in the learn section on how to connect the V4 to your network/ez builder?
Connecting to EZB4

If you are in client mode, then you will need to use the scan tool in ez builder to find your ezb4 then connect to it...


Ok - thank you very much Man for this information;-) I was thinking to myself that first what I have to do is update the firmware because I have another more important problem, that's why I've tried to make an update ;-) There is no problem with connecting to ezb v4 in EZ-Builder - everything is ok until runnig the camera (from the kit) - after a few seconds the screen is freezing (from camera) and ezb is death - led on board has a white colour and I can't connect to ez-b without resetting.


do you have a lot of sensors set to be poled at 100 milliseconds?

The reason I am asking is it sounds like you are flooding the bandwidth that you have available to the V4.


This is the pure connection to new ezb, without any servos and sensors connected and of course new project with the camera only.


reset your access point and try again.

The issue may be with your access point. The reason I say this is that in AP mode, the EZ-B and the computer communicate without an issue. The most likely other item in this chain that would be causing issues is the access point.


Thanks, I will check it again, but my router (access point) seems to be in well condition. I don't have any problems with another wifi devices: music server, 2 laptops, tablet, printer, fridge (I' m joking about the fridge ;-) and so on


I understand. I just know what I have read on this community, from helping others resolve their wifi issues on this community and from 25 years of networking experience.

There are may posts on similar issues on this community. Do some searching.

Good luck.


I reset the ezb to default network settings and connected to it via only pc. When I started the camera (in ez builder) it has been working only for 15s and I hear the shimering from speker (quiet noise like: "ssssssss" only when I start the camera) . Than camera screen in ez builder was freezed and ezb stoped working (the led colour was changed to white also). I can't connect to ezb without restart it. After restart everything works OK but without running the camera. Is anybody have the same issue? I don't really know what is broken ezb or camera. It is big surprise for me after 9 months waiting for a such great device ;-(


Hi @Fisha

It sounds like it could be a power problem, what are you using to power the EZ-B?

And yes it is normal to hear a bit of static that coming from the EZ-B speaker when the camera is connected as the audio gets amplified going to the speaker, changes in the power supply change the noise floor that gets amplified.