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Error Message

Assistance Requested

Help bhouston with their question and receive $10 of EZ-Credit to get more robots and parts from our store. The following information was provided about their previous efforts searching tutorials for a resolution.

bhouston claims to have checked these sources:

I am getting the following error message;

9/9/2014 9:42 PM - Sound Servo Error: Object is currently in use elsewhere.

What does it mean and what do I need to do to solve the problem.

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Looks like your audio device is being used by another program or control. What controls are in your project?


Camera, Auto Position, Sound Servo and Speech Recognition.


Out of those 4 controls, which ones are using the audio device?


I bet it's assigned in the auto position and not used. If so, remove it from that control, or whichever other control it's used.


Auto position does not use the audio device. It would be a other control.

With windows, sometimes different manufacturer drivers behave strangely.

Sadly there isn't much we can do to change the behavior of your hardware and respective drivers.

Try removing the speech recognition and using the sound servo.


I was under the impression that he was having issues using the sound servo. My assumption was that the same digital output was being used in the auto positioning control as an added servo. My bad. Didn't even think about it being the sound card that was in use.


I shut down the Speech Recognition control and I don't get the error message anymore. It didn't make any difference to the performance of the Sound Servo - still not working very well. So how should I configure my project so that I can give Voice commands and have a servo running the mouth of my robot?


1) Why are you using the SoundBoard (PC) control if you have an EZ-B v4? I recommend using the SoundBoard (EZB). Please press the ? (question mark) buttons on controls to read how they work and what they are. There is a message when you load EZ-Builder instructing/reminding you of this feature.

2) If you still insist on using the SoundBoard (PC) control, you will need to upgrade your hardware. As we have identified earlier in this conversation, your audio driver and hardware is not able to allow two devices to use it at the same time. That is quite rare for audio hardware to not allow more than one device to use it at the same time. Your computer simply does not have that capability that majority of other computers have.

Hope that helps


I wasn't using a Soundboard I was using the Speech Recognition control. I'm not trying to play WAV or MP3 files - just text in a command.
I'm new here and I do read the ? for each control, look at the examples and watch the videos. If I don't understand something or can't get something to work, I post the question on this forum. I hope I'm using this resource correctly.