Six Unboxing Video 9.9.14


Uploading a six unboxing video , stay tuned while youtube uploads and approves the video.
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Now that's a sexy box... Grin


It gets sexier when you take the box off . Smile
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Unboxing six ez robot , sneak video at work:

teaser unboxing but i kept getting questions asked with interested co workers. I will upload a video with a tripod and take everything out of the box.


very cool


he like it!



Thanks Josh... Six looks awesome....


Yea, but what does it do? That question took hours to answer I bet. I love that question because I love it when people realize the potential and you see the light bulb click on. I got to see that with my 25 students on Monday. It was really cool to see. I wish I had that moment on video.

Great video and thank you very much for posting it.


You guys let me down! I was totally expecting a video like this:

Just kidding! Welcome to the Revolution! :-)


@Stika.... LOL.... I am pretty sure that guy messed himself... Grin