Questions About Battery 7.4vdc 1300mah Sold By Ez-robot


Questions about Battery 7.4VDC 1300mAh sold by ez-robot

Does anyone have one?

How long does it take to fully change?



Looking at the image of the battery charger it looks like it's a 1A charger.

A 1300mAh battery will take 1.3 hours (1 hour 18 minutes) to charge at 1A.

Depending on the battery it may be able to accept faster charges. If it has a charge rate of 2c it will accept a charge of 2.6A, which would only take half an hour to charge. Some can take quite large charges which means shorter charge time.

Personally I charge my 5000mAh batteries at 800mA as I have read that slower charging is better for the battery and avoids excessive heat and is safer. However, 5000mAh batteries charged at 80mA take 6 hours 15 minutes to charge.


The Lithium chemistry batteries do not suffer from overheating. Only the NiMH and NiCD cells are damaged by heat.


Lithium based batteries still get hot while charging. Mine is built in to Melvin as is the charger. A lot of heat could potentially build up inside the robot if it was getting too hot.


The only heat I've detected when charging 4400 mAH LI-ion packs inside a Roomba is coming from the charging circuits not the cells. Of course this is using a switching power supply rated at 1.25 amps.


thanks for information about charging.

So no one has one yet, I guess.



Hey guys

@Rich's calculations are remarkably close, it takes ~1hr 15mins to charge the ezrobot batteries from 6.6V (battery low) to fully charged with our 1A LiPo Balance Charger.


@Rich.... tsk, tsk... You're must be slipping... you're off by a full 3 minutes. I bet you Jarvis could have nailed it.... Tongue


I allowed for finding the charger and plugging it in Winky

The difference comes from my calculation assuming the battery was totally dead. In the case of a LiPo this wouldn't accept a charge, but at 6.6v (3.3v per cell - personally I don't like mine going below 3.4v per cell) it isn't 100% flat, it'll still power things if you wanted to risk the battery going under voltage.


I am too chicken to let mine hit the warning buzzer... I have a tendency to top up my lithium's... Am I correct in thinking that below 3v/cell is the kiss of death for a liPo? I mean can you let them drop to 3.3v on a regular basis without worry?