Need Help Programming C++ Interface


need help programming a c++ interface for yarp so that I can give my robot the ability to learn would gladly make available to the community have tested with arduino and works perfectly if interested let me know have other modules I can give also need help printing the head in abs willing to pay


What is yarp? What specifically do you need help with?


YARP = Yet Another Robot Platform, lots of info in Google land.


making a "device driver" as they call it for ezb then I can post my Cartesian controller and my modules that allow robot to learn in real time using camera and servo position as well as a lot of other things I think it would be a benefit to everyone the original driver was written for a 56f807 controller using motors I want to rewrite the code to accommodate the ezb and servos to make a setup that is available to everyone to experiment with and maybe allow everyday people to make advancements in robots was using a lot of code from the icub had it working 65% using arduino could use all the help I can get also need someone with 3d printer to print plastic parts for me willing to pay


also have the original source code if you need it


Soooooooo, you have software already in C++, that you wrote for another controller and you want to convert it to communicate with the EZ-B?


..... very interesting! ......


Mike, have you experimented with the SDK yet? You'll find the key component to the .NET examples in the SDK are several .DLL which are the key to integrating the EZB in software. The "device drivers" are in essence already written in the .dll files.


they call them device drivers but they in essence only device interfaces to the yarp system so that yarp knows how to talk to the hardware to make the servo and motor moves and can send sensor data over the yarp network to give example for one part of the memory it saves servo position data for a certain case then using neuro network it can pick best position for certain case that falls back to it hope that explains better what iam trying to do basically I need an interface for yarp using the dll ie Cartesian module sends positions for joints in arm to interface to move the 9 servos that make up the arm and move the servos to get to a point in 3d work space


example interface code