Dj's Als Ice Bucket Challenge


I have been nominated quite a few times by community members, friends and family to enter the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. I encourage anyone to make a donation to any charity that affects a loved one or neighbor. It doesn't need to be ALS specific.

I'd love to see EZ-Robot Community Members also participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Smile


way to go!

Those pesky robots!



That is great! thanks for doing this DJ.


well done DJ
Let's all get involved


JD got splashed with water and he was still able to wave, nothing can stop his ice bucket rampage against the humans Grin


Ill post mine later however I will prewarn you that I did it naked (it is censored, mostly).




i saw it on FB .great


Way To Go DJ!

@Rich- What?!? No buff shots? You are such a tease. Winky


Not done to tease, there is method behind my madness... cold water doesn't stick to skin as much as it sticks to clothing.

Be aware this may cause permanent mental damage... Enjoy...

To explain, my sister in law who nominated me wore a wetsuit when she did hers hence the complaint at the start. Also the ice pops were used because I had very little ice, they were removed and put back in the freezer once the water was nice and cold Smile

Has nobody else done it yet?..