Ezb4 Kit On Ebay


For those who can not wait.
It was fun just reading the back of the box.
July 31 Manufacture date.

EZB4 kit


Wonder if they would just sell me the camera ... lol.


Dykersville? I wonder if thats a real place


I really dislike people that do that.... I hope everyone here waits for theirs and not get burned by this guy...


I dislike this also. I found this on ebay about 2 hours before it was posted here. I purposely didn't post anything here because I had limited hope that it would go unnoticed.

It did let me see photos of the device kit and read the box, but wish people were not trying to make money on something that they had nothing to do with. I guess supply and demand is still very alive in this world. Nothing can be done about it so I decided not to get worked up and just ignore it.


Come on guys. The guy probably changed his mind. What he making, $50. It's call capitalism.


This doesn't really bother me that much. If I was in more of a hurry, I might go for it. I still don't have shipping info for my orders, one if which is just a developers kit with no additional plastics (although that was ordered in January, so I expect it to be near the back of the list.. my other orders all have extra parts, one of them including the "roli" neck pan and tilt, so it also probably won't be here for a while)

So, being able to order and get delivery within a week might be worth the $50 extra.

I am sure whoever this is moved on to another platform or hobby while waiting for shipping to start. Deciding not to cancel the order, but to continue to help fund EZ-Robotics startup and then make a little extra once the kit was delivered is actually kind of a stand-up thing to do. He could have just cancelled his order.



Good point. Okay, The school I am doing work with just bought it. BTW, I know what it is called. Capitalism should also require that some work be done on your part to make a profit but it doesnt. All good. The school will use it.


@tehtechguru - Thanks for your insight. I specifically asked the seller why he was selling out of curiosity. You hit the nail on the head. Shipping was free, so he really didn't make any money. It should be to my house on Wednesday, allowing me to introduce the students to the V4 on 9/2, when the real hands on after school program begins.


I am glad it found a good home. I was really thinking about snapping it up. I have two kits and some miscellaneous parts on order, but I now have an idea for a 3rd robot so will be buying another at some point (although I could probably just use an EZ-B and camera, not the whole kit for that one).