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Omnibot Treads

Assistance Requested

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@ jstarne1, hey josh, are you still casting omnibot 5402 treads? I just got a tired 5402 and everything rubber has gone bad. Thanks man.

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Hi Kenny , yea I still do custom molding. It is fun! I don't currently have a mold for the 5402 but I do have the 2000. Are any of the tires on it good? I believe I have a good tire I could cut off the rim and mold from.


Unfortunately, all the tires are wasted. But if the 2000 tire fits, im gameSmile lemme know how to get you money and how much, its no rush. I dont have a controller for it anyways, and its slated to recieve the v4. Right now, its just a fancy tape deck lol


Josh :-}
If you do make a mold of the Omnibot 2000 wheel tread, I would be willing to by 4 treads from you, all of mine are rotted off also.


Sure.stonewolf I can do both. Both of you send me an email


Hi Josh, newbie here. I'm hoping you have time to make a set for me too. This is my first post, I've got an Omnibot 2000 that I'm tinkering with. Four bad treads, not a rush.


Hey beetle , yes I'm happy to make you a set , I posted my email. They cost 30 to make for you. Thanks