Mini 6 Fabricated Robot


I am running the mini 6 from the small Acer Iconica w/soundlogic BT speaker.
Both are great!
Steve S


are you planning to make the famely bigger?(robots)


Yes, eventually Patrick.
I have one more EZB3 (might be saving it for another grandson), and 2 EZB4s that will be shipping soon.
I was surprised of the performance of my new 2 cell Lipo batteries over my old Ni-Cd and Ni-MH packs. Also have a parallel cable to double up the Turnigy 1700 Lipos if I want more run time. The low voltage alarm plugs into the balance leads.


Mini 6 and JD,
This has to be one of my funniest videos. What ever could go wrong, did!
Mini 6 had numerous voice recogintion extra issues, I kind of thought what to do next but kept recording.
JDs singing was flawless, but cut short, because my Iphone memory was full!
His microphone ball did fall off.
Had to publish twice to youtube. My rural internet is running so slow.
I am having so much fun with EZ Robot!
Steve S

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That is just hilarious !


steve s

your jd is persistent,he keeps playing his act.haha