Mini 6 Fabricated Robot


Nice work Steve, love the Mini 6!


Six has been hanging around other robots and has picked up a progressive vocabulary.

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EZ Robot designed a great robot with Six.
I hope you like the latest adventures of my fabricated mini 6, it is fun for me!


That's some great animation and verbal action going on with your mini 6. Is there a Micro six on the way ?


Thank you Robot-Doc,
That means a lot coming from you.
I have a lot of things ordered from the store, but no Micro.
We have so much to look forward to!
Steve S


somebody is a pro here. Smile


Thank you Patrick,
Not a pro, just having fun with EZ Robot.
Did I say Six was a versatile bot?
Even if it is a mini, Luv it!
Six is also my grandkids favorite. Trying to keep sparking their interest in robotics.
Steve S


Hey Steve, Nice work! What fun! Your joy and interest in building a cool little robot is really showing through with this one. I love the little guy.


i copied the video on my facebook so i can see and hair it often. Grin

steve is it possible to get the link from the sound your mini has.
i mean the funny sound he makes.


Thank you Dave,
Your feedback is appreciated. It has been fun. I hope some of my excitement is absorbed by my grandkids.

Thank you Patrick,
I wanted to give my Six a communication sound besides regular speech, similar to R2.
I think the "funny sound" you are asking about is the "e-brrr.mp3" sound, already posted in a public file shared by D. Cochran, Wall-e. After listening to many R2 and Wall-e sounds, I thought the e-brrr sound fit my mini 6 the best. File merge, soundboard, deleted sounds not needed.
That is how I brought CaptainAnn,s snoring sound to Six, a wav file I created from scratch (yes that is me snoring).
I will eventually post my mini 6 file, like I did with my CaptainAnnDroid.
Steve S


ah then i will look it up