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Servo Does Not Move

Assistance Requested

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On ezb 3 i set added one servo to d3 port.I then set min and max values and can move the vertical servo with up/down with mouse.I click save and then i get no response from servo with up/down arrows using mouse.I click on it and is green but doesw not move servo ?

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Did you try it on another port?
I purchased a used v3 and found one dead port.
Does that servo work on other EZBv3 boards?
Steve S


I tried a different port.I can move the servo from the config panel with min/max values and save it..But when I click on box from servo panel it does not move and the values do not change with moving arrow up/down..


Does the servo physically move when you set the limits in the config?


Hi @rb550f

Have you by chance made the Max value small (1) and the min value large (180)? I've seen some issues when I've done this in the past.


As Jeremie is saying... for V3 min and max values for servos should be 1 (min) and 100 (max).... 1 - 180 values are for servos on the V4 board...


I have a value of 65 to 91 for the servo in config.And yes the servo physically moves in config panel.


Are you using the control correctly?

Click and hold the mouse (or hold your finger) while dragging it back and forth as these videos.

Does the box change to green when you click and hold?
Do the numbers increase/decrease as required?


This is a weird one. Maybe delete the control and reset it up?


...or re-download ez builder, re -nstall it and reboot your PC.... Then try again...