Co2 40w Laser Cutters


Im wanting to get into the laser cutting. I figure it will enhance my 3d printed parts and projects. example- the OmniBot v3 a smaller sized omnibot 2000 with a updated look and accessories. The bot will be 100% 3d printed parts. For eye lenses,bezels,acryllic buttons etc. the laser cutter would be perfect. So im looking for som input from laser cutter owners and those who work with them. I have seen a CO2 40w Shenhui DC K40III on ebay for around $550. is it good is it so so this is the feedback im am looking for. any and all help as always is greatly appreciated.


@Anthony I've seen many diy projects where they use a reprap machine and custom print a carriage to carry the laser module which is usually a big rectangular case that is easy to mount. CBC firmware is open source and laser cutters just use X and Y plane from a .Stl


@josh i've seen that but i want a ready to go unit. is the one i suggested any good , i value your input.


We have a laser cutter at the makerspace that I am a part of. The next time I go up there, I will find out what it is capable of cutting. I have seen it cut 1/4 inch plexy and do some wood engraving. I haven't messed with it much. Focus has been more on getting my 3d printer up and producing good quality prints. I plan on going up there Tuesday night and will get some information (brand/model) for you.

What types of material are you looking at cutting? This will give me a chance to ask more specific questions for you.


@d.cochran thanks, i am wanting to cut plexi ,plywood, possible thin metals.