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Looking For Connector Plug For V4 Uart Port

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I'm Looking for a source for a connector plug for the V4 Uart port. Any ideas where I can get one? Depending on what type it is I may be able to squeeze the pins my self.

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I assume you mean UART port 0.... I just use male prototyping wire...
User-inserted image


It's the same as the old I2C port which I spent ages looking for a connector for.

In the end I used a 4 pin header with the short side soldered to 4 jumper wires and heat shrinked to form a kind of plug.


Sorry, edited my post here.
I thought we were talking about a JSP plug and now see were not.


Yes, I do mean uart 0. The little black female port on the lower right side of the V4.

@RichardR, Those jumpers are exactly what I've been using so far. I was hoping to find someone who found the proper connector plug that would slip over this port and give a good firm connection. I don't really trust the flimsy connection that I have by just pushing one jumper end into the port at a time.

@Rich, I like your solution. At least it gives kind of a connected and supported plug like connection. I had thought of doing that but was hoping for a commercially made plug.

I'm very surprised EZ Robot doesn't have a suggestion on the type of plug that can be used in this port. After all they designed it and should have a good solid and preferred way to connect to it. I had wondered about this with the old V3 and it's i2C port and I think I remember Rich starting a discussion about it now that you mention it.

Hopefully someone at EZ Robot can post here now and either tell us what to use to plug into this port or at least tell us they don't have any suggestions. Obviously we've found a way but I still hope there is a better plug available then the (in my opinion) inferior or homemade way we have been connecting.


@Dave... The problem is EZ Robot doesn't know what serial device would be used to connect to the UART 0 port... I mean since there are so many to choose from... What would the other end of the plug look like? Maybe just bare wires?

You could crazy glue or hot glue (kinda' messy with hot glue, though) your male header wires together to form a solid plug... Maybe even a little hot glue to keep it in place on the UART header too?...

Found these on eBay...4pin female/male header cable


Rich's idea about soldering wires to a header is a great idea. It's a simple and inexpensive way to make a good plug for either V3's i2C port or V4's UART port. Nice thinking Rich! It got me thinking of other ways to make a plug for these ports. I love using Molex connectors and have them around the shop along with the tools to use them for repairing my Pinball games. So I pulled them all out and started cobbling. I've settled on 0.1 right angle Molex circuit board header and a 0.1 Molex plug. Here's what I came up with:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Here's a list of the parts:
Connector, 0.1" Header, 9-Pin, Right Angle: Molex Part Number: 22-05-3091
Connector, 0.1" Plug, 10 Pin: Molex Part Number: 22-01-2107
Crimp Contact, 0.1: Molex Part Number: 08-52-0123
Keying Plug, 0.1: Molex Part Number: 15-04-9209
Cheap Crimping Tool: Part number: W-HT-1921
Expensive Crimping tool: Part number: 3135-CT

Have fun!


Thank you Dave for sharing,
I am looking forward to my new EZB4. I have jumper wires ordered, but like your idea.
Is the Molex crimping tool specialized or can I use a standard electrical crimping tool?
Steve S


@steve... You know you don't have to use UART port 0 (the one Dave is using above)... Pins 5,6 are UART 1 and pins 18,19 are UART 2.... So there is no need to spend money and fuss over a special cable and crimping tool unless you really have to...


Richard R,
I have so much to learn!
You have experience that I appreciate!
So many great people that I can relate to, like you, Dave, and many others.!
EZ is the best!
Steve S