How To Connect Your Ez-b V4 To Your Computer(both Ways[ap And Client])


Thanks for the friendly responses! It's satisfying to see how I can help people.


Very cool videos, but just wanted to verify something. Since the EZB V4 now uses Wifi, does it
connect directly to the PC or does it always only connect up via a Wifi router? I'm just wondering how the wireless connection is maintained between EZB and a PC if I was to mount the pc on board the robot and was to run the robot outside nowhere near a wifi router.


@RoboHappy, you could accomplish that type of connection by using the Ad-hoc mode where the EZ-B(4) IS the WiFi router.


Robohappy, the ez-b defaults to ap
Mode, which is where the ez-b is the router essentially.


Hey @TechnoPro,

Thanks again for the tutorial videos, in addition to our own videos, I'm quite certain they will be a great help to a number of people as the more information that's out there the better!

A couple quick additions for those enjoying these videos: the EZ-B Power shell comes with a 2.1mm Barrel jack and the webpage that comes up when a person is connected to the EZ-B's network and types into their browser (or selects the chrome-like icon in EZ-Builder) is called a Web server.


I have to admit that when I first saw you were posting these tutorials I thought "what's the point, EZ-Robot already made fine connection tutorials", but now that I watched them, you added several touches that I learned something (like it will take a long time to connect in AP mode, which makes sense since there is no internet access and Windows will take a while to determine that, but not something I thought of or that everyone will know).

Good work.



OK, it looks simple enough.


In the first video when you gave it power you did not have the 3.5 mm barrel jac where the power goes into you had a different part. I also want to use a battery simmer to yours so I need that part on my v4 instead of the existing jac that comes with the v4. Can you please tell me how you changed the jac to what you have now


Mohamed.r, look at post 19.

basic info and hacks


Jeremie, Thanks for the reminder. Don't think I'll ever be able to remember that... Tongue *blush*

Alan, That's one of the reasons I make them. There's certain details that can only be learned personally... or at least be shown by another.

Movie Maker, Really it is. Windows 7 is very similar. Same tasks but different layout.(I think I recall you having windows 7)