How To Connect Your Ez-b V4 To Your Computer(both Ways[ap And Client])


I made a few How-to videos showing people how to connect the ez-b v4 in both Ap mode, and in client mode. This first video shows how to connect for the first time in AP Mode.

AP mode: The ez-b gives of its own Wi-Fi connection(hotspot) and is connected to the computer directly.

AP Mode is the mode the ez-b first starts on. You have to connect to it in AP mode before you can switch to Client Mode.

AP Mode:

Client Mode: The ez-b connects to a Wi-Fi network(router) and is connected to through the network.

Client Mode has to be set to use. You do this through the ez-b's Wi-Fi configuration page.

Client Mode:

Hope this helps anyone who needed it!


Really cool that you did this, but the videos are private.


I know. I'm fixing them. read the note.


I get videos marked private still....


All fixed!


As usual... good video work....



Thanks for the informative vids ahead of the arrival of my new EZB4,s.
Do you how I connect to allow internet access plus EZB4 connectivity also? Weather, news, etc.
Steve S


@Steve... To answer your question... You connect the EZB in client mode... just follow the above videos...


@Richard R,
Thanks, I appreciate all this this great info!
Steve S


really helpfull video's.thank you