Asking About Shipping


hi! anyone here from the Philippines tried to purchase from EZ-store? how long your order arrive after purchase? or someone knows a store here in Asia selling EZ-robot parts/accesories...


The new Revolution boards and robots still haven't really shipped yet (with a few exceptions)... I highly doubt that any retail stores have any yet... My guess is shipping will likely take a couple of weeks from when stock is available (current estimate is by the end of July).... So If you order now... you might get lucky (depending on the amount of back logged orders) and receive it by the end of August...


Preorder customers are receiving their orders before stores. Smile


@DJSures: can i order a customize arm gripper? because if i buy the 3 Servo-motor Arm with Gripper in EZ-store the gripper cant get my object... i will still use the 3 Servo-motor Arm with Gripper but i only change the gripper... but my customize gripper still fit if i change it... the shape of gripper still like this
Gripper but in different size...


Ez-robot doesn't usually custom make parts, but you can have someone make a gripper for you in the community. Then you pay them for the cost and they ship it to you.


@Technopro: i want a gripper that can hold 3 inch width... because i want my robotic arm to get a ball, cube, and cylinder...


Well, you'll need someone who can use a 3d autoCAD software to make it, and then print it. I don't have a 3d printer. I have low experience in AutoCAD, but I could try.


@Technopro: ok, thanks Smile


was under the the thought that developer kits were to be shipped out at the end of june and plastics some time in july well it is the 9th and still no words have been waiting since nov last year have been very understanding but no dates yet ....I am also pretty close about 22 hour drive away so shipping should not take forever would some let me know .....have heard now maybe Aug............... feeling left out of the ezrobot Revolution and hoping to join in the fun Thanks Andreas Brednow


Unless you live in China, you're probably not 22hours away... I was under the impression Revolution products are being dropped shipped from China...