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Hello Guys my Self Mohanish From India and i'm also an Mechanical Engineer and working as a Designer. i would like to know that how to make robots? frankly speak i'm totally unaware about it. i was try searching on Google but cant find anything what i required. on Google i was find this site and its look like what i required

I need to know how robot works?

I need to know which parts are Required for making 4 wheel Drive Robot with operated with Laptop or remote control

I need to know what parts do what things.

i need to know from where i get that all parts.

i need to know how to assembled all that parts electrically and mechanically both

All of u r requested to shear your knowledge with me

here i'm attach 2 Photos which i was make in 3D

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Hi mohanish Welcome to the forum. Hope you have a great time building robots. Could you more specific on what you want your robot to do.Now to answer your questions.
Here is a list of videos to help you make your robot

By the look of the design I can tell that you want to use a motor for that you will need a motor controller. Here is the one that ez robot sells

2.5 amp motor controller

Then you will need the brain. Ez robot has the most easy to use and most powerful robot brain


Using ez builder you can control your robot from many devices and even joysticks. You can also program your robot from here

Ez builder
You can also give your robot vision


If you want your robot to avoid hitting objects then there are many types of sensors here are the ones ez robot sells
Ultrasonic distance sensor

If you want the camera and sensor to move then you have to buy a pan and tilt or you can attach two servos together. There are many types of servos here is an example


If you do not want to use motors you can use continuos rotation servos
It comes in the developers kit

Developers kit

People who have programmed there robots already have put the code on the cloud

Ez cloud

Here is the ez robot scripting manual

Ez script
If you want to you can buy a robot and add the ez robot brain to give more functionalities
Hope this helps Grin


Thanks a Ton for explain in this much in detail

my Robot Requirement

1 It should b 4 wheel or 6 wheel.
2 It should carry 5 Kg. load.
3 It should b operated wireless, (By laptop or by remote control) with mim range of 1 Mtr.
4 yes i need camera system in my robot so that i can see where my robot can go so i need wireless camera system so that i can see 1 Mtr ahead from my robot.
5 tell me alternate options for this robot parts so that i can easily find and buy in my country.
6 Servos motors r required for this robot?


You can get the wheels from many places online bet because I do not live in India I only now one store in India that sells robot parts
here are some stores online that are not in India


You will notice these stores sell another type of robot brain called arduino. I would recommend you buy your robot brain from ez robot so that it has more abilities and is easier to program

Ez robot brain
2 will your robot need an arm
3 It should be easy to operate wirelessly using ez builder link is in post 2
4 here is slink to the camera

Ez robot camera
For your motor controller it depends on how big the robot is. Ez robot sells a 2.5 amp motor controller for medium sized robots like an Omnibot
Here is a link to the motor controller

2.5 amp motor controller
hope this helps


thanks A Ton! Grin Grin Grin


Just to clarify you will need 3 x 2.5 amp motor controllers for that 6 wheeled robot.... 1 for each pair of motors... That will use up most of your EZB ports.... However, if you use a 2 x 12 Sabertooth motor controller you will only need one port on your ezb to control all six motors


will you guys please upload with it's photos so that easy for me to understand. and any schematic diagram for all electrical and mechanical parts if possible.


If you are making a six wheeled robot I suggest using what Richard r said but here is the picture and video for the 2.5 amp motor controller that ez robot sells click on this Link


On the first page of this thread in the link below there is a video turn to 3:20 sec to see how to plug the camera in


If you use DC Motors you may want independent control of each 1 of them. This is because each motor will turn at different speeds using the same voltage. Richard's suggestion of using A sabertooth is still the best way to go in my opinion. However a Sabertooth will only control 2 motors at a time. I do believe that they can chained together and you would still only have to use 1 port on the EZB. Sabertooth has a smaller board that will handle only up to 5 amps and is less expensive. If each of your motors are pulling less than 5 amps than you can save money by using a 2X5 Sabertooth.