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Cant Initialize Uart Port In Ez Builder & V4 Ezb

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I've been working on sending position commands to my Kangaroo X2 through UART port 0. Using the Example Project "UART Peripheral" I can initialize UART port 0 just fine and send commands. I connected to my V4 EZB and initialized it with the already written script. I was able to send commands and move my motors through the new project example. When I start up my own old project I've been working on for years and install a new EZ Script and write in the same initialization command I get an error in the debug window;


1: UARTInit(0, 0, 9600 )
> Error on line 1: This feature is only available for EZ-B v4
Done (00:00:00.1440082)

Any idea on how to overcome this issue or what I could be doing wrong? It's gotta be something with my old project. I do have the latest downloaded EZ Builder available. *confused*

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Are you connected to the EZ-B v4 when that script runs?


Yes @DJ. I am connected over Wifi.


On EZ-B #0?


OK solved, I had the board index pointing to the wrong board. In the Example Project I had the connected board as 0. In my project it's actually 1. So the proper code is:


UARTInit(1, 0, 9600 )

@DJ, I see you came up with the answer while I was down trying this out. Looks like I aspire to greatness at times (by accident mostly Winky ). Thanks for being there for me though.


anytime Smile glad to hear you discovered the answer