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Uart Terminal Display, Can't See Last Line

Assistance Requested

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When using UART 0 Serial terminal to read ASCII output from the Roomba diagnostic tests, as each test is printed out, the last line of text cannot be seen at the bottom of the terminal screen. It would be helpful if the screen could keep the output ASCII data above the bottom of the terminal screen.

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I'm unsure what you mean? Can you be more specific please


As each test is printed out and displayed on the terminal screen, the last line of text is below the displayed text box.

User-inserted image


oh! Thank you for the screenshot - that makes a world of difference! i'm on it Smile


One workaround solution could be done using an EZB-Script command to clear the text displayed on the screen just before the next test is requested. Would that be possible?


Or wait for the next update Smile. But 100 points for a creative idea!

Update should be tomorrow


WHoo Hoo, Thanks DJ nevermind then, I'll wait


forgot to mark resolved in my excitement.......


Bump, DJ is this still on your list for the next update ?


It is done. Was it not in the last update or has the last update not been finished yet? There's a hundred things on my plate so the last update might be the current update.

It's held back from the request for the brookstone rover 2 support. It has taken a lot of time.