Revolution Injection Molded Parts


There have been some people noticing that we have had lots of plastic injection molded parts arriving at our office. As we are ramping up for shipping to customers, we are slowly verifying the final changes and creating jigs to make our assembly workers happy and efficient.

I grabbed a few of the parts to take photos for you. Can you guess which parts are for what?

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I wont spoil it for everyone else and answer most of those Smile Let's have some fun seeing who else has eyes as keen as mine are Grin


No offence, but those look way better then the 3d prints... Obviously, right?.... They look awesome DJ, can't wait to get my other orders...

Cheers Smile


what are the part number 4-15-16 i never seen these.


Most I got, except for #15... Not sure where that goes


number 8 is also new to me.


1 housing ez-4 2right foot 3 radar sonar 4 batt cover rolli 5 body six
6 left gripper 7 camera housing 8 goes on number 18 9 goes on 5
10ez-b4 11 leg six 12 rgb array 13 heavy duty servo arm 14 cup holder
15 ? 16 batt cover rolli 17 choulder servo 18 gripper servo
15 looks some got to do whit the camera.


#15 - Roli's back hatch/wire pass.


I'll be honest, I didn't realize what 15 and 16 were until others mentioned them but once they did my memory was refreshed. Especially #16. Once I saw the posts about it I felt dumb for not recognizing that one. @DJ- Awesome looking parts. I'm very excited to see these. Thanks for the update.


yep indeed
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i didn knew that.but what is 8?