Questions About New Roli



I'm new here and I'm interested in purchasing the 2-armed Roli model.

1) What is the estimated Roli run time w/ the supplied 7.4VDC 1300mAh battery?

I want to use Roli as a means to check up on my pets while I'm work.

2) Can Roli & camera be remotely operated via Smartphone or Remote PC?

I appreciate any insights. Smile


You could RDP or use something like gotomypc to connect to your computer at your house, which would be controlling your robots. Both robots can be controlled by the same computer.

As for run time, it would depend on how much time you spent running the robot around the house. I dont know how much room is available inside the robot (based on the size, I would say that there is a lot) but additional batteries could be put in serial which would allow you to have more run time if needed. The community would be very willing to help you with that.

I have a robot that has far more going on than the stock Roli as far as motors and Sensors. I will be using 4 of these batteries to give it about 7 hours of runtime, but I also will be using the motors a lot. Additionally, there are a lot of higher mah batteries available on the internet. These would be equal to about 5 or 6 of the default batteries in runtime.


Roli and all Revolution robots are Wi-Fi, which means you can control them from anywhere in the world over the internet. Once your robot is connected to your home network, it is available to be controlled from anywhere.


well, there ya go Smile Thanks DJ. The machine would just need to be outside the firewall or there would need to be a whole in your home firewall to allow access to the machine running the robots. Do I understand that correctly DJ?


or, I guess that you could put the robot ip's outside of the firewall and go to town that way.


The camera and V4 board pull about 200mA alone...It will also depends how much driving you do ... Also realize the more mA you draw the power drain accelerates disproportionately... Meaning with a 1300mAh battery @ 200mA draw you might get 4 hours, but increase the load to say 500mA, you theoretically should get almost 3 hours, but you'd be lucky to get over an hour... I have a similar robot set up the way you want.. Between camera and driving around here and there I get about 5hr on a 3000mAh nimh battery...And yes to question 2....


@d.cochran.... That's the way I understand it ...So correct you need a hole in the firewall.... port forwarding


yep, that is the way that I would see it working. I guess that if your ISP allowed you to have 2 IP's you would be able to forward one to one robots IP address and the other to another robots IP address. I personally would go with the RDP/GoToMyPC route to connect to a computer that is on your network controlling these robots, but there would be many options to get this accomplished.


yes, you will need to forward the two ports (TCP 23 and TCP 24). Or, you can set the IP of the EZ-B v4 to DMZ.

All routers have the Port Forward ability, and DMZ settings. They are very easy to use Smile

We looked into having a Cloud service for controlling the robot, but the latency between servers and your home is too high for realtime control


DJ.. Any chance you guys have plans to have this as a tutorial on how to do this?