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Ez-robot Ez-b V4 Camera (i Need Help For My Project)

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Hi Sir DJ, im asking if the EZ-B v4 Camera can also identify Shape and Color of the object... i really need some information about your product before buying it...

I have found a few conversations, tutorials and activities that may help with your question. Take a look at these links. I've sorted them by what I believe to be most relevant but that is not always the case as I'm still learning.

Also, consider reviewing the Learn section for informative lessons and activities. Check it out!


You can start here...EZB4 and here EZ Builder and specifically the Camera

It would be very difficult to sit and type on how to use the EZB4 camera with such a broad based question... However, the simple answer is yes the camera (EZ Builder) has colour, facial (with a plugin written by a member on here called EZ-Face) and object recognition... I learned by reading the above and when I got my EZB it made it much easier to get the camera up and running... Reading in the "Learn" section of this web site is a really good start... If you have any further specific questions after that we will be able to help you out...


i have a project in school a robot that will work independent without using a remote control and only the program of a mobile robot work itself... here's what my robot to do: Line follower Robot (the color of the floor is white and the line is black), with robotic arm to pick the object inside the arena, and the robot that can recognize 3 different Shapes and Colors... i don't know if EZ-Robot is capable of doing all these things... i need some advice of what im going to do before buying 'cuz the price is expensive...


Shapes? Not quite yet, colours yes... Line following, again no problem... Robotic arm will be a snap with ez builder's auto positioning control... It can recognize glyphs and QR code and rudimentary object recognition only (still a work in progress)...


@Richard: Yes, shape... only cube, cylinder and circle(like colored ball)... btw thank you for the quick response Smile


Hey, no worries... It might work, but as I mentioned object recognition needs a bit more work, but is looking very promising for sure... I am sure DJ has plans to get back to it at some point... Right now EZ Robot is focusing all of it's energy rolling out Revolution and the EZB4.... So currently EZ Robot can do about 95% of what you need... And programming is light years simpler than C using EZ Builder software....



Well object recognition is currently in the works. A beta version is available in EZ-Builder right now. You have to do a lot of training though in different lighting conditions.

Color is no problem. You an track as many colors as you want and what ever color you want.


There might be an issue with what you are looking to do based on the definition of Remote Control. If you want the robot to be fully self contained and not be run based on a wifi connection to your network, then this might not be what you are looking for. If you can put a small computer into your platform, like a windows based PC, Android device, or an IPhone then you can do most of what you are looking to do plus a lot more.

The EZB4 connects via wifi to one of these devices, which is where the programming logic executes. The EZB4 is used basically as a gateway to the sensors, motors, cameras and other components in your robot. Because of this, if the robot needs to be fully self contained, you would need a small form factor PC or an Android or Iphone to handle the programming logic side. This makes for a very powerful robot that can handle a lot more than the tasks mentioned above. It also allows you to program in any of the .net languages if there is something that the EZ-Builder software will not handle right now.

This thread will help you understand.

The Link


Line following using the camera is quite easy. Using the multi color tracking mode.

Having the robot arm pick up shapes and colors is also easy. The colors can be programmed individually. The shapes (long as they aren't very detailed, ie plain colored blocks work great or a yellow duck, etc).

Many people are new to object recognition here and have attempted to train their robots with complicated detail shapes. If you ever watch a robot video that demonstrates shape detection, they use plain shapes like a rubber duck or cups or blocks.

Everything you asked for can be done with a few clicks of the mouse in ez builder.


i want to create a robot like the video shown below, using the EZ-Robot implementation... i have a problem about recognizing the shape of the object because my scope is not only to pick up the ball it can also identify cube and cylinder... my solution is to create another hardware that can recognize the shape and then integrate it to the EZB4... Sir @DJSures, is it possible to integrate my Shape Recognition hardware to the EZB4 and how?

right now, i really dont have any idea how to do it in EZ-Robot 'cuz i do not have it and i watch series of video about EZ-Robot, but many of them only show the output of their work they didn't show how they did it... btw, i have knowledge about the PIC16F877A but its kinda old if i use this for my implementation and i want something new to upgrade my knowledge in robotics... i found out EZ-Robot is powerful of solving my problem but i still have many questions how to do it... my whole concern is about purchasing the product it is quite expensive and hard to buy because it is only available in Canada that is why im asking here like a NOOB actually im really new about robotics Grin ... im very interested of buying EZB4 but please guys gimme some tips and ideas before purchasing the product... Thank You Smile