New Bot Under Construction - Noles-d (nawless-d)


Great to see you back into robotics.
Looks like a cool project and the claw is great.
Steve S


Way to go, Bret! Good Job!


Thanks Everyone! It's good to be back at it.


I love the idea of a intimidating security robot made from a grill Tongue I can't wait to see the finished project!


It will be the Webbinator (thanks Dave Winky). Yeah, nothing lethal, just intimidating and painful. haha


Currently working on a Larson scanner for a little more intimidation factor. I will upload a video as soon as I have it operational.


Looks like a great project.

Evil Mad Scientist make a larson scanner I used with Melvin for a short time, it's open source too. If you need one I'll dig out the link (although it sounds like you have an idea in mind for that).

Glad to see you building again!


Well with budget cuts in all the Webbinator is going to have to multi task... Strap a propane tank on him so when he's not keeping riff raff at bay with his flamethrower he can grill you up a nice steak dinner... Smile


Ooh, I like that - cook a burger, cook a burglar....


Okay, here is a quick video of the Larson scanner installed in the Webbenator.