New Bot Under Construction - Noles-d (nawless-d)


So my life is finally at a better place and it's time to get back into robots. I have been watching all of the great builds and just couldn't stand it any longer. I've started construction on Noles- D (pronounced Nawless-D), my Non-Lethal Security Droid. I am using a bar-b-que grill for the main body and constructing the base and drive system myself. He will use a tracked drive system with wheelchair motors. The non-lethal part includes twin airsoft machine guns, a paintball gun, and twin rocket launchers. He will also have a gripping claw and 5 DOF arm, along with on-board computer and array of sensors. I am using the V3 boards with Noles and have converted them to USB connect since I have an on-board computer. When completed he should stand a little over 3 feet high and weigh about 150lbs. The base section is 1/2" oak plywood that will be covered with carbon fiber. Here are a few pics of my progress so far. As always, community suggestions and assistance is always appreciated.

Also, if any of the community is in the Phoenix area I would love to meet up and discuss projects - help each other out, etc.

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This is the base drive section so far. I should start coating it with carbon fiber tomorrow.

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This is his claw, it uses MG995 metal gear servos for grip and wrist. Should be strong enough to get me a beer from the fridge.

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This is one of his rockets modified to be fired from a tube. I am using ABS drain tube.

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Here is the grill I got from Goodwill for 3 bucks. It had never been used but should work perfect for me.

I cut out some acrylic to mount up inside the grill dome to house the bulk of my electronics. The computer will be on the base and easily accessible.

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I've started attaching some electronics - main EZ-B board, cooling fans, voltage regulators, etc.

A big part of this security bot for me is intimidation. If they are intimidated they will leave. But I also want security monitoring and a functional service droid. One EZ-B will control the bulk of the work, while the second one will mostly control the arm. I will post more as I make more progress - and beg for the input of the community (truly the best resource around).


I love the idea of your project.The tank drive could be a problem in my experience.It does not make for efficient maneuvering and it uses a lot of battery power.One design i saw on Servo magazine or Robot magazine was a outdoor patrol bot that used some 12 inch lawnmower wheels with a heavy duty caster,Great mobility. I do like the intimidation or looks of a tracked base robot...I hope tracks work out great for you....Keep up the good work.Check out some of my robots on project showcase.Hope to see your updates soon...This is fun! Smile


Can't wait to see it built and in action... Maybe you should has called it Lawless instead.... Tongue


@rb550f - Yeah, I have been creeping on all of your builds. Very impressive.

@Richard R - I like that, i"m still toying with the name. Noles-D was just the first thing that popped into my mind. It's kind of empty in there so lots of room for stuff to pop in.


This is pretty cool Bret! If you run into problems with lateral strain on the wrist, may I suggest these servoblocks. It will put the weight of the beer can on the bearing instead of the servo.

{Here is an igniter for the didnt get that from me}


Thanks Troy! Those are both great items.


Looking forward to a great bot. build. Cool idea.


Welcome back to building Bret! I'm so glad things are going well for you. Cant wait to watch the progress. Maybe you should consider changing it's name to Webber. Tongue


No problem Bret. Welcome back.


I like Webber Smile