Wall-e Sounds Files?


Trying not to get anyone in trouble here... I did an internet search for Wall-e sound bytes... Didn't find much, actually none... Does anyone here have some Wall-e sound file they can send me? Or a web link to download any?

Thanks guys


Try a google search for: "wall-e movie sounds"


Open the Wall-E Example Project, there are a bunch in the project DJ made.


Awesome! Is there anything about EZB and EZ Builder you don't know, dude? Winky


So far, only one or two things I didn't know about them but once I knew I didn't know about them I immediately knew about them so I guess I know now, you know? Grin

There's also a topic from a while ago where I listed some URLs of some Wall-E sounds. I haven't searched to find it yet but it should be around somewhere. Search Wall-E MP3s or something like that on the forum and it should pop up with a topic or two.


I have the wall-e project that DJ did but I don't know how to get the sounds out of it I can only use them in that project :S


Yes, they do seem to be embedded in the soundboard.... They don't seem to be separate wav files...


so there really is no way to get the sound files out of it to add to other thongs like the mp3 player add on ?


That's what I did....saved just the soundboard to add to my wall-e project at a later date...

I'll check out those links... Thanks Rich....