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More Crappy Router Questions. Need Some Help

Assistance Requested

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I thought a new thread would be best... Didn't want to deny someone of some well earned EZ-Bucks...

Have a problem... Similar to Dave's problem and I was going to add to his thread instead of making a new one... Anyway... Both my EZB4 will connect to the network no problem, however EZ Builder can only find one of them at a time... meaning I cannot have more than one ezb4s connected to EZ Builder at any given time. The scan tool will only find one ezb... usually the first one powered on... Long story short and judging by what Dave went through I am guessing its a router issue... I have an all in one router/moden ... an SMCD3GN from SMC.... I rent it from my local cable company by the way... So my question is should I turf it and just use a modem from them and then buy my own router?... Also need to mention that I barely get 30ft from the router when I start to get disconnect problems so range sucks...


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Rats Richard R. I replied to your other thread.


If that doesn't work than your router needs to be upgraded to something from this era Smile


You're a funny guy DJ.... My all in one is a few months old... Well, it could have been sitting in Roger's warehouse for the last decade or so... who knows... LOL

This time both got picked up in the scan, but most of the time only one does... I think I am going to take Docs advice and update my router anyway for no other reason but maybe to get me more range and more solid connections...

I have to give this one to Doc, but thanks for the video nevertheless DJ... Smile

Thanks Doc!



Keep in mind that making new threads on existing discussions that cover the exact same issue is going to add confusion to new comers. When ppl search for help and they get thirty threads on the same topic - all pointing to one topic... It helps no one.

And it's an abuse of the credit system Smile


Sorry DJ... Understand what you're saying so completely understood... I really didn't mean any harm here...


So Doc, I am looking at the ASUS RT-N56U on BestBuy's webside... You really recommend this? Has good range?

Thanks Doc


I would never expect harm from anyone in our community - specially you Smile

I had the Asus RT-56. It was a great router! We don't use it anymore now that there are so many devices on our network. We now use the new Linksys WRT1900AC at the EZ-Robot Office. It is expensive but great for a large network. At home I use a $30 D-Link Smile


Whew!, that's a relief... Thought you might ban me from EZ Robot... Without my daily EZ Robot fix, I might have to pull a Rob Ford and head for the local crack dealer and liquor store... Tongue

Thanks, more router research needed....




Robert R. So Doc, I am looking at the ASUS RT-N56U on BestBuy's webside... You really recommend this? Has good range?

I have two of them running here at my shop. One on each internet provider. Good range and they work well.