Compatible Cameras


Can anyone give me info on what cameras are compatible with Ezb 3 and Ezb 4. Need wireless usb camera for Ezb3 and what camera connects to Ezb4.


What was the model wireless camera you were having issues with? And what Windows version where you running it in?

I don't know this to be true, but I "think" at minimum any windows compatible camera running at least 640x480 should work.

I really liked the little wireless cameras that came with the v3 EZB kits, but I can't find a single retailer that carries them anymore. Every source I had shows out of stock with no ETA for it ever being in stock again. *stress*


Windows 7 Home premium edition. The camera I purchased on Ebay.No brand name
2.4GHz 50mW Color Mini Wireless Security Camera PC Based USB DVR Receiver Kit. It workds with the software they sent me..But get error from EZB....DJ said that the video resolution not compatible..So what is compatible to replace the original EZB3 camera. And what camera to use for EZB4 since EZ robot does not sell one on their site?


We exclusively support our custom EZ-B v4 Camera because it is absolutely amazing Smile. We created our own camera because everything else out there was either inconsistent with compatibility or too high of latency.

EZ-Builder will still allow you to select windows compatible cameras, but because majority of USB cameras are made by unknown Chinese manufacturers, etc... we are unable to commit to supporting all of them. Instead, it was easy for us to make our own camera than to support all of the cameras we come across Smile

The EZ-B v4 Camera will be available with a Wi-Fi connectivity add-on in August 2014 for v3 users