Revolution Update - June 13 2014


A few weeks away from shipping the world's most powerful and creative robots to over 100 countries! Here is your June 13th 2014 Revolution shipping update! Smile

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End of July for Revolution robots? Noooo haha oh well it's almost here am feeling exited


Excellent production and great information. It's exciting to see how it's all coming along and how much work and time is going into the "little things" like packaging. I love the detail.


Hehehe, yeah the assembly will take some time. Our little assembly elves have thousands of robots to build. It's crazy when you think about how many pieces need to be assembled. There are well over 15,000 to be assembled in the next month! *EAK*

Also we are waiting on our FCC and CE certifications - that is super important to us to demonstrate how this product is 100% legit consumer grade quality! This is what separates us from the all hobby and maker products. We care about energy consumption, radio interference and ultimately the reliability of our robots Smile

Packaging is crazy - there is a shipping measurement called "Volumetric Weight". And that is what shipping companies do to identify costs based on size, even though the package weighs nothing. There are specific weight ranges between sizes of the parcel.

For example, with some of our boxes if we make it 1 cm larger it will cost an additional $30 to ship! The level of detail required to design a box from scratch is quite complicated. There are also details to consider with product placement and storage on shelves of retail centers.

A Best Buy or Microcenter uses math to calculate product revenue vs shelf space as well!

Also international support for languages is mandatory for some retail outlets and distribution centers. We are designing sleeves which fit over the boxes for a variety of languages as well.

Amazing to think that even packaging is a huge process!


Wow that seems like a lot of work to do within one month's worth of time. Assuming that you guys start shipping Monday from the last week of July, it's like assembling about 484 robots a day. Not including the ez-b kits. Anywho I really like the packaging it sort of reminds me of the packaging from Darwin op (I don't know if you guys have seen it) only we get to put our robot together :-)


There is a huge team behind our manufacturing Smile It's not 484 robots per day - it's parts per day. What a lot of people do not know is the actual size of EZ-Robot is much larger than the staff employed in our r&d facility.

It makes sense to keep the core team small, while contracting services to companies which they do best. For example, we have two contract companies in Montreal. One handles our manufacturing project management and Chinese relationship. The other is a CAD firm who takes our plastic designs and creates engineering documents with tolerance specifications and details required for mold creation. We have a few companies in China which manufacture and source our components - even the screws for the EZ-Robot parts are custom made and are 100% unique to our requirements. There is also a company who creates the custom gears for our Roli robot. There is one company who creates our molds, and they outsource to another company for assistance because we have many molds. Then there is our electronic manufacturer who builds the PCB's.

We also have a company who handles all of our electrical components supply. They work in both China and North America. This ensures the electrical components we use are of highest quality and meet FCC and CE certifications.

There is yet another company who creates our boxes and laser cuts the high density foam of the packages.

We also have a company who assembles all of the components, tests and packages them.

Finally, we have a shipping and logistics company who stocks our inventory and drop ships directly to your door and retail supply chain.

On top of all that, we have legal help to ensure insurance and contracts are in place for retail distribution.

For education, we have two companies which represent our product in schools. One is in Texas and works directly with the state, who is replacing Lego Mindstorms with our product in schools. The other is in Canada and is an ex-employee of EZ-Robot who deals across North American schools and institutions.

The core design and quality is engineered at our facility in Calgary Alberta Canada by our amazing staff. We then hand the components off to respective 3rd party contract relations. The end product is then reviewed and authenticated by us.

This is a product which will make history - because of that, we know it must be the quality you expect from us Smile


Wow that's amazing what's also amazing is the complete kit is shipping in the end of June. Can't wait. Just a few more weeks


Its awesome that you have the Texas schools going to your platform. That has to be a HUGE order. Congrats on that and even more congrats on the progress you are making. I can't wait to get my hands on the products. Great video and thanks for the update.


Still six weeks before shipping of robot kits!

So it will be August before I get my robot kits!



That is great feedback. Thank's for the info. Really appreciated Smile