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Source For New V4 6pin Camera Extention Cable

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Need to make my V4 camera's cable longer... Seems to be a JST 2.0mm 6 pin cable... found this on eBay 6pin JST However, it looks like I may have to do some soldering with it. Anyone know of a place to buy a plug and play male/male extension 6 pin 2.0 JST cable?

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Buy a pair of crimpers and make one yourself? I just bit the bullet and got a pair since I've been spending stupid money on extensions etc. and the crimper would have paid for itself by now.

Ebay is probably your best bet for pre-made ones. Jeremie has mentioned the exact connector type previously, I'll see if I can find the post once I've cooked my steak Smile


I didn't expect this to happen... I can't find a decent source (other than ebay) for these extensions... So yeah, ebay I guess unless you decide to make the cable yourself with a 6 pin JST PH 2.0mm plug and receptacle.


I thought the camera was 5 pin. Sorry, I have a Roli kit coming so I'm still without a physical reference. Winky


No it's 6 (I thought it was 5 earlier so checked)

I've checked my usual sources and it doesn't look like an extension wire is available. You can get the 6 pin JST PH 2mm plug with wire & bare ends but not a male to female extension.

What I'll be doing when/if I need to adjust the length is picking up two of the housings and building my own wire the length I need it. It's a bit of a pain but at least that way it's non invasive and it's the length I need it.


It's 6... have the V 4 camera in my hand... Thanks for the advice Rich... Think I am going to make my own using the ebay link....



Thanks for confirming that for me guys. Smile Good luck with your cable making. Let us know if you notice any performance changes with the new distance? Please.


Just had a thought, DJ showed a video of a whole bunch of the cables connected up when someone asked about long runs, just wondering how they managed to link the cables since both ends are the same so they wouldn't have plugged them in to each other...

Antron, as above, there is a video about showing a long length and no performance issues somewhere, it'll be on EZ-Robot's youtube channel somewhere Smile