Meet Moshi


Meet MOSHI (Mobile Service Human Interactive) formerly a Hero JR body only...Robot is driven with an Omnibot 2000 modified drive train.Currently using a VEX controller for function.Awaiting EZB4 i ordered months ago...It has a voice command clock system and am/fm and bluetooth remote system. He is one of my 10 robot projects..His head rotates via servo platform..One 12v and one 6 volt 4.5 ah batteries for power. Has great audio.Cant wait to install EZB4! Enjoy this community and I get a lot of creative ideas.Thank you DJ for making this possible.
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Awesome! I sorta like droid themed bots rather than human based ones.


I agree Tech..... Although some humanoid robots look cool, they can't really do anything mobility wise. They can't really navigate freely about the house, carry stuff....and are very easily knocked over too... Mobile robots are my thing.... Nice work on Moshi


I always liked the Hero Jr. body style. Nice robot.
It will be fun to see what you do with it when you get your EZB4.
Thanks for sharing,
Steve S


Really cool I love the 80s by the project


I love the use of the old HERO jr body! Awesome idea!


It'll be interesting to see the future. Some people gravitate to the humanoids, others vehemently avoid them.


Every time I see a HERO (or Jr), it reminds me of good ol' Mr. Wizard back in the early days of Nickelodeon. I loved that show. Moshi is real nice looking. Great job.


Nice re-purpose.