Hunters1st Robot Sam


Nice job!


Congratz man ! Really impressive work ! Now you've started there's no way back.....
I started at the same age and a few decades later... still building robots. Keep up the good work !


This is the best thing I have ever seen. What an awesome Dad! Great hob Hunter!


You have done a really great job there Hunter. That is a properly cool robot. I love how you made the eyes, simple design, but look awesome. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Winky



Very cool robot Hunter!
Keep up the great work!


My robot gets new EZB4, hands, rechargable batteries, drive servos, and a new camera.
I was just pretending when I said peanut butter, my robot does not understand me good enough, to run on the table, we learned that the hard way.
I went to a class at our library to learn Scratch and made games.
Hope you like my robot.

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Wow! Hunter is all grown up and so is SAM! Thank you for sharing!


its amazing,its looks&sound so naturel to him.


Great robot Hunter! Enjoyed the videos!


Hunter, you are doing great with your robot SAM.
Teach a child to program robots and he will get his friends into robots!
Plus he will learn to program computers, phones, networks and anything else he wants to do. This is a great time for Scratch to come out!
Have fun programming your robot!