Hunters1st Robot Sam


Looking to see more. He is the future.



Very awesome Hunter! I remember when my grandpa helped me build one of my first robots. Mine was not as cools as yours though! We didn't have EZ-Robot back in 1980something Smile


That's a great robot Hunter! Fantastic to see your Grandpa teaching you robotics! I look forward to seeing more of your robots.



This is ridiculously cute! Love it! Both Hunter and his robotic creation!


Great robot Hunter! I am very impressed with your new robot friend Smile Hopefully you will consider a future career in the robot industry. Keep up the great work!


Wow! That robot is cute. Great job Hunter, that is really cool. Keep on playing with your robot, you'll do amazing things!


Great job hunter your robot looks awesome


WOW Hunter! That's amazing!


Hey guys, thanks so much for your compliments about my robot.

Special thanks to grandpa for his help! Grin


You go kid! That's a top notch little bot. Impressive to say the least. Smile