Introducing The Altair Ez:2 Robot


I'm in love. Winky I know you once said that marketing this over seas may not be affordable. Has that changed? I would love to see this big guy scampering all over the world! I'd be very interested in buying one.


Awesome work as always!

I guess I need to start saving up for one of these!


Thanks everyone for the kind words

The EZ:2 modular body (4 sections) means that it is possible to have 2 sizes, here is the 3 section smaller version.

User-inserted image

Transportation and packaging is still a major problem in these units being sold into the Worldwide Robotics hobbyist market, Hobbyist's are not going to want to pay the several hundred Dollars that a full EZ;2 robot is going to cost to ship. Imagine the packaging required (wood crate etc) for a 4 foot robot, that needs to get to the customer in one piece! If later on we can get overseas dealers then that could help a lot, I have spoken to DJ on this before and there are a few possibilities.

The main first markets for the EZ:2 Robots is in Education i.e. Universities and Schools, I am not ruling out hobbyist's this may follow if we can find ways of shipping efficiently.



WOW! That really is impressive! How did you get those panels done?


I have admired your great work since 4/1/2013.
What a perfect combination EZB4 and EZ Robot 2 ALTAIR. It is SO ADVANCED!
I sure hope something can be worked out on shipping.
Keep up the great work on my favorite robot.
Thank you for updates.
Steve S


@Troy, we fortunately have a brilliant modelmaker on the team.

Thanks Steve, glad you like the EZ:2.



Tony.. I do hope you will at least consider letting the average guy like me buy one... As crazy as it sounds I would be willing to pay the heavy shipping cost for one of your EZ:2s... And yes I do understand why it would/will be so expensive to ship across the pond... like I said buying one of your EZ:2s actually saves me more than you think... not having to reinvent the wheel in all...



Hey Tony! Glad to see the EZ-B v4 arrived safe and sound and is ready for that wicked EZ:2
We will be keeping a close eye on your work Smile


What a fantastic robot!
You had me interested in all it's features before but now it's a great looker as well!

I have an Emiglio, waiting for it's EZB,I was thinking I would change it's head, but the kids won't let me because its got a goofy smile. They love the EZ2 too! Family acceptance will make it much easier to sell.

Put me down for one! Beta tester or whatever!

Great job...

Ps. Any videos?


Thats amazing ,well done ,very futureistic
You are right on focusing on the educational market initially ,it has been proven that pupils interact
much more with a robot than their teacher in trials carried out in South Korea.
I think whenever you have your official launch you better have one available for everyone in the audience.Best of luck.Can only imagine what's under EZ:2 covers