Introducing The Altair Ez:2 Robot


The ALTAIR robots now have in-built high accuracy Face recognition/Gesture/Emotion/Gender/Age estimation detection.


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Great job as always Tony!


Man, that's a lot of magic packed into a little head. I'd love to see this wonder movie around in person.
Thanks for sharing this with us Tony! Good to hear from you again.


Awesome work Tony!
I would still love to have one of your robots! Winky


Thanks David C, Dave S, Steve, I am still around!




Nice work!

you have two cameras, i presume the reason is different hardware sensors, otherwise one single camera could feed multiple functionalities.

thermal sensor, is an array sensor (how many cells) or a single cell ?

left & right PIR ... is it like an eye in back of the head Smile



Both cameras are needed as they have different unique functions.

The thermal sensor has 9 pixels 8 for thermal data and 1 that gives the ambient temp in front of the robot.

The PIRs let the EZ:1 sense humans on the left or right hand side it also measures the amount of movement each side so it gets a rough idea of how many people (if any) that are on each side. The sound localization works similar and lets the robot know what direction the sound/speech is coming from so it can face it and analyse what is the source.

With these systems the EZ:1 can decide which is the most interesting side to next look at.



This looks so awesome. Is it available is the US?


I agree with Dave, that is a lot of magic packed into one very head!

Tony, I'd love to hear about the PIR sensors you are using and how you control them and filter their reading? The PIR sensors I have give either a high-low output values for movement or no movement and usually trigger for just about anything moving, including the robot.


@Toymaker, very nice. I thought you had already released your robot to the public? Anyway love the head setup!

Could I ask how the sound localization mic's work? I remember sometime back someone had wrote a script to use two microphones, which I was never able to get it to work correctly. It would be great for it to work like the old R2-D2 thanks.