Introducing The Altair Ez:2 Robot



I had a bit of spare time today reading through past forum threads and came across this one again, and just spent the past hour reading through it once again, and then thought your website. The more I read about your work, the more I am inspired by what you do, and also keep thinking, "I REALLY want one of these". Smile

So I have a few questions I want to put to you if that's okay...

1.) How far along are you currently in for development and testing for the EZ:2?

2.) Do you have an estimated or target completion and release date in mind?

3.) Once completed, what kind of price range would you be look at for a complete unit?

4.) I read that you are aiming to sell the EZ:2 to education establishments which is a wonderful thing, but would you consider selling to individuals such as myself? (for shipping issues, I live on the Surrey/South London border. You can email me about this if you prefer. My address is in my profile).

I hope you don't mind me asking and I would be grateful for any information you can offer. I love what you have done with the ALTAIR series, and if all is well with what I have asked I would love to own my very own EZ:2 unit if it were at all possible. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and I would be very grateful indeed.

Anyway, keep up the fantastic and inspiring work Tony.



Hi Steve

All the current development work is on the ALTAIR EZ:1 (with the AIMEC body) once all this is fully developed then it will be ported over to the EZ:2 - so the EZ:1 is the development platform and the EZ:2 will be the commercial offering.

I have recently done a lot of work on new parts/functions on the ALTAIR robots - but have held off showing stuff in dribs and drabs - but soon will show a big launch of new exciting features all in one go.

The completion targets have all got put back as I have had a very bad year and tragically lost a number of very close people - this put me in a downward spiral which I am just recovering from. But I am back with more determination than ever! In fact it is the robotics work that keeps me going.

Where are you, I am based in Crowborough just outside the Ashdown Forest?




Thanks for the quick response. Yeah, I did read about you loss earlier in the thread. Truly very sorry to hear about that. Well I look forward to the launch, sounds exciting so I'll keep be keeping watch. I know Crowbourough fairly well as I used to drive through there using the Uckfield Road quite offen. I live in the Croydon area so I'm not a million miles away from yourself.


Steve, I have had 3 major loses now in a row, the last recent loss my Mum was brought on by very very bad mistreatment (and medical errors) at St Helier hospital Carshalton that you probably know of.

We used to live in Thornton Heath and I was born in Mitcham so Croydon is my old stomping ground - lets meet up at some point? I will email you with my contact details.



Wow, you have indeed been hit hard. Again I am sorry to hear of you losses. I feel for you buddy, but fair play to you for pushing through and it's good to hear that robotics is helping you through. I'm currently going through something myself where I had to give up work recently to care for my mother full time now due to a devastating diagnosis. (Yes I know Helier and George's very well indeed).

Anyway, lol, what a small world. Mitcham you say... that's exactly where I am (not far from a certain pond you might know). I say Mitcham and people often say "Where?", so I say Croydon or Wimbledon now and people go "ah yes, I know it.". It just makes things easier Tongue.

Yes it would be great to hook up at some point so we'll defiantly have to arrange something. Sure, send me an email and we'll arrange something sometime. I look forward to that. Smile


This is for Steve G (who likes Dewey) - My Drone 01 is back in the garden!

User-inserted image

I guess you will be meeting him soon in the flesh (or should I say fiberglass).



LOL, that's great. Thanks for that Tony. Grin




I'm looking for candidate 'bot heads to serve as user (student) interfaces with my remedial math tutorial system. It looks like Alan's availability will depend on the Indiegogo results and would not likely to occur until February or thereabouts. I bet the Ez:2 head would work well as an interface for students at all levels, from middle school through college/university.

I would need a design that supports these minimal requirements:

EZ-B v4 based
Must support devices needed for
Face recognition (digital camera),
Voice recognition (microphone),
Handwriting recognition (digital camera),
Voice synthesization (speaker)
Neck must have two degrees of freedom

I'm sure that your Ez:2 design does all that and more, right?

If so, in a few weeks, I'd like to talk about purchasing a head so that I can evaluate its fit with my project. Right now, I'm using a JD head for prototyping but am not sure that it will be the "go to" head for the final project.



Hi Ron, The ALTAIR heads are designed to be part of a complete full robot and not meant to work on their own, so they are not the right thing for your application. I know you will have to wait a bit, but Will's ALAN looks to be a great robotic head platform to work with. Wishing you all the best with your project, it sounds exciting.



Thanks, Tony.