360 Degree View Of Engineering


Our friends created an interactive 360 degree tour of our engineering side of the facility! It's pretty wild... Like you're there with us Smile

Rear: https://www.thesphere.com/401600

Front: https://www.thesphere.com/spheres/401637

User-inserted image


That's awesome but I don't think there are enough Post It notes (or whatever you call them on that side of the pond) on that board yet... Smile


Haha, that's our scrum board. It has what everyone is working on in each stage of progress.


saw it cool haha


There is definately a lot on your plates judging by the todo list. Wow.
It's further proof of your team's commitment to the product. Thank you for the insight!


Thanks for the tour! Where's the restroom? Tongue


That is Awesome!


Dave, it's Canada.... You know the land of the Beaver and igloo?... We pee outside Tongue