Ummmm,ahhhhh, Wow,jimmy Humanoid!


This bot is amazing. Im gonna watch this guy very closely so i can design the AN-DRU Humanoid to have similar qualities, wait a minute who am i kidding, im gonna replicate this guy for sure. Love the size and movement.


tha man in black is andrew robot


here's the link

jimmy bot


Since it's open source why bother to replicate it as AN-DRU? Where's the challenge in that? Come on dude, push yourself outside of your boundaries and see how far your reach is.

I can see some great things coming from this guy, even greater things with it being open source and available to all of the creative and smart people out there but best yet, the most awesomest by throwing an EZ-B at it.


i dont like the hands and feet and prize.darwin in white color.
latest model off NAO cost now 8000 dollar.
i do like the name jimmy and the head .


@RICH im gonna use it as a working reference. I like the way it moves, moves alot like Asimo.


asimo is also o sale now for the prize off 500.000. dollar chipping not inclu


Extensive programming will be needed to make it move like that.... maybe you can replicate it.... that's the easy part.... but to give it life like and fluid movements, skilful programming will be required..

***Edit***. Difficult if you are not using the EZB, is what I meant....


@richard r the scripting for the biped movements is lengthy for the ezb but it can be done with not too much thought. Thats what i love about the ezb, its like a puppeteers tool. real time results quickly and easily without the Phd. The hand and arm movements i have for LeXI are nice and fluid, granted the scripts are 100+ lines of commands but it works. What caught my eye with the Jimmy bot was the walk sequence, so smooth and natural looking. Alot like Asimo. Now i would of course design a 5 finger servo hand for grasping and i would use mini lcd screens for animated eyes and mouth and give him a cool uniform design with color. I would also make a backpack with a 4.5" android device for running the scripts and to house the lippo and the ezb v4. I would also add a headset devise like that used in Universal Soldier for the camera. But thats just my take.